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  • December 2014 Jamie Magazine

    'Let The Goose Loose' Goodman's geese featured as a producer.

  • December 2013 Mail on Sunday

    Tom Parker Bowles recommends 'Goodman's Geese'

  • December 2012 Telegraph Weekend

    Rose Prince recommends Goodman's Geese in Tried & Tasted

  • December 2011 Financial Times Weekend Magazine

    Christmas Food Special: ‘Rowley Leigh takes a gander at a goose farm’

  • December 2011 Excel London

    Judy joins Jamie for his Christmas Demonstration at the ‘Taste of Christmas’

  • December 2010 Olive Magazine (Jamie Oliver’s Classic Christmas Treats)

    Quotes Jamie ‘I cook a turkey and goose for Christmas; Goodman’s Geese is the best place for Geese’

  • December 2010 The British poultry Council Marketing Award

    Was presented to Judy on behalf of Goodman’s Geese for the marketing of the Geese

  • 2008 Heart of England Fine Foods Diamond Award

    Winner of the Poultry and Game category for Taste and Presentation

  • December 2007 Jamie’s ‘Christmas at home’ Channel 4 where Jamie used our geese

  • 2005 Daily Telegraph/Sainsbury’s Bronze Award

    For best seasonal category

  • 2005 Rick Stein ‘Christmas Food Heroes Special’ BBC2

  • 1997 Two Fat Ladies Christmas Special

  • Delia Smith Christmas Specials 1990 & 2009

    Quote: ‘For a beautiful very high quality Free Range Goose that is oven ready’